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High Hat Blend

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About this Coffee:

Try this adventurous coffee blend that will brew delicious filter coffee and will also prove to be great for home espresso preparation and even cold brewed coffee. It's so versatile! The Costa Rica and Brazil base provide a delicious and creamy body while the Ethiopia brings sweetness and floral aromas. The High Hat blend is sure to melt your senses!

Tasting notes: 

  • Cola
  • Almond
  • Black Cherry
  • Balanced

5 LB Bags of Coffee

All 5lb bags of coffee that are ordered will be roasted and shipped on the next Tuesday after your order is placed

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When you buy 2 or more 12oz bags of coffee, free shipping is included. Free shipping is included when you buy a 5lb bag of coffee.

Free Shipping on 2 or more 12oz bags of coffee! Also, with 5 lbs bags of coffee!