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Join the Journey That Created Hoboken Coffee

Watch the video and read below to see how our love of coffee bloomed and blossomed over the years. This wonderful adventure has produced a community (local and nationwide) of coffee lovers and human beings who we wouldn't imagine our life without!

The Beginnings of Our Love for Coffee

We got serious about starting a coffee company within the first few months of our marriage. We were married six months after meeting in the fall of ‘07. We sold a car. We used the money to move to Eugene OR and spent a year discovering the coffee culture of the Pacific Northwest. Toward the end of our time in Oregon we sold our other car and bought an espresso machine. We shipped it home, and without a vehicle, we pedaled ourselves twenty two hundred miles back to Oklahoma. It was an adventure to say the least.

Laying the Groundwork of the Future Hoboken Coffee Cafe & Roastery

Back in Guthrie, Oklahoma in the Summer of 2010 we began to work strange jobs so we could spend our free time working on an old garage that would later become our cafe and roastery. Together we worked jobs like: bus driver, certified nurse aid, high school teachers aid, snow-cone stand attendant, lawn care service and the local doughnut shop.

The Fruits of Our Labor

We started working on the old ‘Willie’s Tire’ garage in the Fall of 2010. We had just returned from our year in Oregon and were ready to get the ball rollin’ on what felt like a distant dream. We started looking at buildings in the OKC Plaza District and Victorian buildings in Downtown Guthrie when we stumbled upon this old garage. It was hidden, dirty, full of junk, and otherwise completely impractical to be used as a cafe *we had to have it*. There were no lights, no electric, no water, no heat and air, and no bathroom. It was a dingy old garage but it had a beautiful wood ceiling - and we had a vision.

The Grand Opening of Hoboken Coffee

After two years of, ‘one project at a time’ mentality, we were onto something. We painted every inch (inside and out), stained concrete floors, made window treatments, dug ditches for sewer access, changed out old doors, removed old mechanic equipment, and anything else that didn’t require a license or risked electrocution. By the summer of 2012 we had done everything in our power and finally brought in the big guns to build our bathroom and coffee bar. It was a long road and we never really knew if we were wasting our time or not but we had faith and we got it done. We hope you feel love every time you walk into Hoboken.

We opened Hoboken Coffee Roasters in December 2012 and it’s been worth every second we spent scraping and saving to make it happen! Come see us in Guthrie, one of us is always here, we’d love to tell you more about how blessed we feel to be doing what we love.

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