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What You Can Expect?

Over the course of the next 5 days, you will receive a series of 5 emails detailing the exact steps you can take to ensure you are enjoying each cup of coffee to it's fullest!

No matter if you enjoy drip, espresso, pour over, french press, moka pot - you name it, these 5 steps apply to every method.

Taught by Trey Woods, Roaster at Hoboken Coffee

Coffee is in Trey's blood. Well not literally, but he lives and breaths coffee beans. If you've ever visited the cafe or ordered beans online, then you know that Trey is great at what he does.

He's been exploring the world of coffee since 2007 and roasting full-time since 2010 and loves his craft. He's learned the ins and outs of being a barista and serving his customers.

And now, we wants to teach you the 5 steps he's learned that make each cup of coffee superb and memorable.

Want a sneak peak before you sign up?

Step #1: It's all about the beans

Step #2: How fine do you grind?

Step #3: The Do's & the #1 Don't When It Comes to Water

Step #4: Making Lattes at Home (or any mixed coffee drink)

Step #5: The Moment Right Before the First Sip

Free Shipping on 2 or more 12oz bags of coffee! Also, with 5 lbs bags of coffee!